Custom Milling

As an art focused frame shop, we only offer the highest quality frames and materials. We specialize in custom milled, hardwood mouldings which we finish in a wide range of stains and lacquers. We mill and stock our most popular profiles in quantity to ensure the fastest possible turnaround, but also are able to design any custom profile with notice.

Our most commonly used woods are hard maple, rift cut oak, ash, walnut and cherry. We are also able to source most woods upon request.


Leaving the wood in its natural format showcases the diversity of grain patterns and colours available from the various woods we use. All our frames are splined in the corners for added strength but the craftsmanship is most noticeable on natural frames. These profiles are simply sanded and sealed with a satin clear coat.

Hand applied to many different hardwoods, stains are rubbed into the wood to gently change the natural colour. Once the stain has been applied they are then sealed with a satin clear coat.

Mostly applied to maple due to its light, natural colour, tints are essentially stains that are applied by airbrush and then sealed with a satin clear coat to give a more uniform appearance than a traditional stain.

The only opaque finish for custom frames, Lacquers eliminate the wood grain completely and leave a flat, smooth surface. To achieve this finish, the frames are face splined in the corners to eliminate the seams. The wood is then sanded, primed with a base colour, filled, sanded again, sprayed and then sealed with a clear coat. Superframe’s lacquered profiles are completely seamless and can be matched to most colours for an additional fee.

There are a number of glazing options available including glass and acrylic with UV filtering and low reflection options.